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SFL Celebrity Chef

The Lump Guy

Earlier in February, Steve Longenecker (a.k.a. SFL) was asked to visit Diamond Brand Outdoors, a local camping, kayaking, climbing and outdoor gear store, for an evening promotional program to be their “Celebrity Chef”.

Here he is, cooking-away and wearing a tie-dyed apron made for him by Mel Ringler, the head of Blacksmithing at Falling Creek. Note the FFC beanie, too!

Read more about SFL, Mel, and our other summer staff on our 2010 staff page.

Download the original recipe for what he cooked that evening, “Longenecker Lumps”, just as “SFL” has done for twenty-five years or so at Falling Creek!

SFL also teaches his WEMA medical program to hundreds of campers and school groups every year.

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Snowy Scenes

No matter where you are, I’m sure you have seen snow recently. Falling Creek is no exception. We have been blanketed in white for almost two months!

And it’s snowing more as I type!

These are some photos from around camp when we had over a foot on the ground.

And… if you’re anywhere near Denver next week, or at Copper Mountain on Wednesday (2/17), you might just see the Falling Creek Crew!

The Doggy Dog.

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