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Horses, Hay and Headway

The grass is always greener…

The recent warm sunny days have allowed Simon and Ben to accomplish some much needed work benefiting Falling Creek’s horse herd.

In the winter, the barn is a pretty quiet place because our horses get a much deserved rest. They live in the fields at Thunderhead and the Green River pastures. The horses enjoy wonderful mountain views, constant comforting sounds of the Green River, and grass as far as the eye can see. And, as you would expect, the horses still seem to think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

Tractor raising the water containers.

Did you know that a horse can drink eight or more gallons of water a day? I will let you do the math!

Because of this, Simon and Ben needed to figure out how to transport, store, and maintain a water supply for the herd of over twenty horses. As you can see in the photos, they answered the puzzle. Huge tanks of water are filled, raised with the tractor, and connected to troughs for the horses to drink.

Hundreds of gallons.

Simon and Ben have also been talking about a possible new building for the Green River Pastures that will allow FCC to store large round bales of hay in the winter, and make for one super-cool new overnight site in the summer.

Check out our herd on our Camp Horses Page.

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The Green River Race

In football you have the Super Bowl, in baseball you have the World Series, and in Hockey you have the Stanley Cup. In the world of whitewater paddling, you have the Green Race.

The uniqueness of the Green Race lays in history of the event. It was started by friends and it has continued to be run by friends and supported by volunteers. For the racers it is a chance to showcase the river that they love so much, and for a chance to win the small handmade glass trophy.

Andrew Holcombe

Sporting events create their own feel and excitement, and for some the event seems to start weeks ahead of time. For me the changing of the leaves, the cool mornings, and the line of eleven-foot-plus kayaks on top of car roof racks driving on I-26 between Saluda, NC, and Hendersonville, NC, means it is once again time for the annual Green River Narrows Race.

Andrew Holcombe

The Narrows of the Green is a world class stretch of whitewater tucked away on the Henderson and Polk County line. With Falling Creek’s proximity to the Green river, it seems that each year several campers, counselors, and alumni show up to watch the race… and a few brave souls that compete.

Along the banks of the Green River on Saturday, I ran into Mel Ringler (counselor), Asa Walker (camper), Corey Hopkins (counselor), Andrew Smith (counselor), James Boyd (camper and counselor), Adam Secrest (counselor), Polk Deters and his son Scout (camper and counselor), Michael Welch (camper), Steve McGrady (camper), Brent Denys and his father (camper), Sean Thompson(camper), Charles Jordan (counselor), Annie Martin (counselor), and Andrew Holcombe (Huck counselor).

The Gorilla Rapid

The race is roughly a mile long and the winning time this year was 4:18 which was set by Andrew Holcombe and is the current course record. The course is made up of several class IV and V rapids, with Gorilla being the marquee rapid of the event.

Gorilla is a five-foot-wide flume that drops 18 vertical feet, truly a remarkable sight. Standing and watching paddlers come through the notch and soar off the horizon line of Gorilla every minute for well over three hours, can take one’s breath away.

- Ben Williams

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Yates' Ridge Run

On Saturday Yates participated in the “Shut-In Ridge Trail Run.” It is known as one of the toughest trail runs around.

It was a 17.8-mile trail race that took runners along the historic Shut-In Ridge Trail. It began near Asheville and climbed over 3,000 feet along the ridge line of the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Mount Pisgah parking lot.

Yates trained for the race by running when he found some free time while traveling for the camp movie shows.

Great job Yates!

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The Jez Wins Nationals

Congratulations Jez!

Jez just finished competing in the Australian National Freestyle Kayak Championships last weekend, and won first place in C1. He also placed third in the OC1 and fifth in K1.

That now makes a total of six National Championships wins for Jez. Way to go!

Jez paddling in the Australian National Freestyle Kayak Championships.

Photo courtesy of Jez.

Jez is one of FCC’s top paddling instructors and plans to return for his fourth summer in 2010. Jez is the driving force behind the The Huck Trip, and he is one of the trip’s leaders.

If you’re a paddler, check out The Huck.

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Spectacular Staff Video

Our brand-spankin’-new staff video is now online! If you haven’t witnessed it, you will definitely want to check it out. It might just win an Oscar nomination for Best Documentary Short.

Group of summer camp counselors at Falling Creek.

Jimmy Lewis, Watson Mulkey, John Bates and Jacob Newton.

If you are interested in working at camp this summer, or know someone who would be a good counselor, please point them to our website’s summer employment section.

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