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Staff Spotlights

Camp counselor on a hiking trip in Pisgah National Forest.

We’ve had a great response from last year’s staff members, former campers, and others who plan to be on staff at Falling Creek next summer.

Read biographies and see their photos on our Meet Our 2010 Staff page.

And if you’re interested in working at camp this summer, or know someone who would be a great role model, check out our summer employment section.

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Cool Cloud Coverage

Fog rolling through the Green River Valley at Falling Creek Camp.

The views from camp are excellent this time of year, and different from what you normally see during the summer.

Check out these photos of the low clouds covering the Green River Valley. Frank took the photos from the overlook.

We wish you safe travels and a very happy Thanksgiving!

More fog in the valley below Falling Creek summer camp.

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Awesome Asheville Attendance

On Sunday Frank and Elizabeth Tindall hosted the Falling Creek Camp movies at their home in Asheville. It was a great time to reconnect with the existing campers from the area, and the new families interested in camp had a chance to meet a large group of staff and alumni who came to support FCC.

Photo from the Falling Creek summer camp movie show in Asheville.

Asheville, North Carolina

Gordon and Laurie Strayhorn directors and owners of Camp Illahee for girls in Brevard, showed their camp movie at the Tindall’s right before our FCC movie show. Gordon and Laurie are alumni of Falling Creek. They met here in 1983 while Gordon was the program director and Laurie was on the paddling staff.

Other alumni included David Brown, who came with his son Joey, a veteran camper who will return for his fifth summer in 2010. David and his brother Bucky were the heads of the paddling program when Yates and Goody were campers in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

Joey has followed his father’s and uncle’s footsteps in becoming a great paddler, having the opportunity to experience the HUCK Paddling Adventure this past summer. Check out this incredible trip by watching the trip movie on our website.

Ellison Smith, who served as a camp doctor, brought his son Matt who will be returning to camp this summer. Matt has signed up to be a part of the 2010 HUCK Adventure, as well.

Phil and Jessica Hoffmann drove over from Brevard where they own and operate Looking Glass Outfitters. Phil is a former FCC camper, staff member and director.

There was a banner group of top Falling Creek staff (Staff Bios) in attendance including the entire Pharr family, Jim Goodrum, Nathan Newquist, Ben Williams, Robert Kirby, Natasha Johnson, Jim and Nancy Kurtts and Steve Longenecker. Jim is returning to FCC for his 41st summer and Steve for his 32nd summer. Courtney Long helped SFL present Lil Red the Screech Owl, who is the newest addition to the FCC Birds Of Prey Family, for the families to meet. Jim, Mary Ellen and Sydney Parham, drove an hour and a half to be at the show!

What an amazing way to finish our Falling Creek Camp Movies Fall tour. We are so thankful that we had a chance to visit almost 40 cities where we were able to reconnect with many of the current campers, staff and alumni and introduce our awesome camp community to the new families who came to learn more about camp. We want to especially thank all of our family representatives for serving as such wonderful ambassadors of Falling Creek and opening their doors to host these fun camp gatherings.

Please keep in touch with our regular news updates and visits to your area when we are interviewing staff.

Know of an awesome young man in your neighborhood or church who is in college now and would be a super role model on our staff? Please let us know how we can meet him.

Our Falling Creek crew sends Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you all!

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Texas, Connecticut, and New Jersey

On Sunday, November 8, Yates traveled to Hal and Paula Mentz’s home in Houston to reconnect with current Falling Creek families and alumni as well as meet new families interested in learning about camp. All three Mentz boys will return to camp this summer and Henry is planning to be a Counselor in Training.

Photo from the summer camp movie show in Houston.

Houston, Texas

Laffy Herring, whose son is returning to camp this summer, brought his family. Laffy was a camper in the 70s and 80s with Yates. A special thanks to all of the veteran campers who attended as they were a big help in answering questions about FCC.

Yates then drove north to Dallas where Julie and Andres Diaz hosted the movies for the families in the area on Tuesday. Their son Peter will return to camp this summer.

Dallas, Texas

In addition to the large group of new and returning families, Tyler Vaughan, one of our top first year staff in 2009, took time out of his busy schedule at SMU to come see us. Tyler is a sophomore from Birmingham majoring in engineering. Tyler plans to return to camp to be on staff this summer.

Rick and Emily Broad brought their three boys over from Richardson to the show. Their two oldest boys will return this summer. Rick and Emily were on FCC staff with Marisa and Yates in the late 1980’s. Rick was the program director in the early 90s. They now own and operate a physical therapy business in Wylie, Texas.

On Wednesday, Yates traveled to Julie and Clarke Futch’s home in Greenwich, where he connected with a large group of families from the area. Their son Hayden is planning to return to camp this summer.

Photo from the summer camp movie show in Greenwich.

Greenwich, Connecticut

Yates then made his way south to Princeton on Thursday to Tasha and Mark Gajewski’s home where he met a number of both returning and new families interested in Falling Creek. Dana’s younger brother Reid will be joining him this summer at camp.

Parker Vaughey, a five-year main camper from ‘78-’82 from Jackson, brought his son Aidan who plans to return this summer.

Princeton, New Jersey

Robert and Thomas Naylor get the award for the longest drive to the movie as they traveled from Pennsylvania (more than 1.5 hours) to learn more about camp. Thomas is excited to be going to the Main session for his first time at Falling Creek.

We would like to thank the Mentz, Diaz, Futch and Gajewski families for their support by hosting and providing awesome venues for reconnecting and learning more about Falling Creek Camp.

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Alabama, Florida, and South Carolina

Montgomery, Alabama

On Sunday, November 1, Yates traveled to Montgomery to show the camp movies at David and Leslie Little’s home. Their sons, Mason and Tucker, have been going to FCC for several years.

Joining the group of boys who came to reconnect and learn more about Falling Creek were alumni, Brooke Lawson and Walton Vaughan. Both were campers in the 70’s and 80’s. What a thrill it is for their sons to now have the chance to go to FCC like they did.

Yates met up with a large group in Jacksonville on Tuesday at Cindy and John Glover’s home. Their boys, Patrick and Christian are veteran FCC campers.

Photo from the summer camp movie show in Florida.

Jacksonville, Florida

Patrick’s shop.

In a combination of inspiration from Patrick’s great uncle, a famous artisan blacksmith, and his experiences blacksmithing at Falling Creek, Patrick has created his own shop at his home and is busy working on projects. He hopes to launch a website soon. Congratulations Patrick.

Ormond Beach, Florida

The next stop was on Wednesday, where Yates visited Ormond Beach. Fred Share, whose three oldest boys went to Falling Creek in the early 2000s, is happy that his youngest son, Kevin and several of his friends will be going this summer for their first time.

Yates then drove up to Columbia on Thursday, where Robert and Shana Adams hosted the Falling Creek movies. Young Robert and Joel will be returning for another summer at FCC.

Robert was a camper at Camp Deerwood with Frank Tindall and also served as program director there for a few summers.

Columbia, South Carolina

Billy Cantey, an FCC camper in the 80’s was happy to introduce his family to everyone who attended. His oldest son will be going to Falling Creek for his first time this summer.

Will Adams (no relation), who was a top Falling Creek counselor this summer, took time out of his busy college schedule to come visit. Will is a senior at the University of South Carolina, and congratulations are in order as he recently announced that his engagement with plans set for June.

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