Cy the Kestrel in the Asheville Airport.

Cy the Kestrel

“Cy” the kestrel arrived at the Asheville Airport on January 30th, from Iowa State University’s Vet School. She was greeted by Steve Longenecker, who is now taking care of her. Marisa, Mary, and Lucy Pharr were also at the airport for the arrival, and took these photos.

Cy the Kestrel in the Asheville Airport with Steve Longenecker.

Cy with Steve Longenecker

The American Kestrel is a falcon, the smallest and most-common in the United States. “Cy” is a female and weighs 130 grams, about 800 grams less than
“Busa”, the peregrine that was at Falling Creek last summer.

“Cy” has an injured wing and can’t fly nor balance on the fist very well. She seems to do fine with strangers. She’ll be doing her first show on the 8th of February, at Diamond Brand Outdoors.

Cy the Kestrel in the Asheville Airport.

Steve Longenecker and Cy

Kestrels used to be called “Sparrow Hawks” because of their size, NOT because they prey on sparrows! They eat insects, mice,voles, lizards, even smaller birds and little bats.

Most of our boys at Falling Creek experience kestrels in their neighborhoods, so having one in-residence at Camp will give them a chance to become familiar with the species, at closer range.