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"Busa" the Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine Falcon Program Boys Summer Camp

Busa on her perch.

Steve Longenecker has a new Peregrine falcon in his care named Busa. She is a beautiful bird with a lot of personality.

Busa was born in captivity and is very familiar with people. She worked as a trained hunting falcon before going to breeders in South Dakota.

Steve is working with Busa to train her for camp. She will be a wonderful addition to Falling Creek this summer!

Bird of Prey Traditional Residential Camp

Drying her wings.

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Yates Turns 40!

Canoeing at Birthday Party at Summer Camp

Falling Creek hosted a surprise 40th birthday party for Yates that took place on Saturday, March 1st. The party started with an adventure race that took place around camp. It began at the Dining Hall and ended at Yates’ house, Iolaire. The photos below are from the canoeing portion of the race.

summer camp director carrying canoe birthday party

Carry that canoe Yates.

family canoeing at camp birthday party

Yates and his daughters get ready to canoe.

summer camp fathers canoe birthday party

family smiling in canoe at boys camp birthday party

summer girls camp director carrying canoe birthday party

Jim Miller and his daughters from Camp Greystone.

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