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Falling Creek Camp Country Store

The New Falling Creek Wicking Tshirt

The New Falling Creek Wicking Tshirt

The Classic FCC Crazy Creek

The popular FCC Crazy Creek, supplies are limited!

This summer, Falling Creek is offering pre-orders for select items from the Country Store. Additional items will be available during the summer, but we wanted to give campers the opportunity to order ahead of time and have those items waiting for them at the check-in table on Opening Day. Campers will still need spending money, placed into their store account, as there will be numerous other items available in the Country Store during the camp sessions.

The pre-order form was placed in the Parent Packet that was mailed earlier this month.

For more information, including the order form, and to view these select items, please click here.

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New FCC Infirmary on the rise!

New FCC Infirmary

Construction on the Infirmary

The new and improved Falling Creek Infirmary is quickly taking shape as Jerry, Patrick, Simon, George, Johanthan Bain and a host of others steadly make progress. The tough task of getting the roof trusses from the overlook to the job site was completed on Friday, March 9th and the first trusses were put in place on Monday the 12th. Soon after that the rest of the trusses were put in place as Jerry, Patrick and George finshed the blocking.

The front porch of the infirmary will remain original to preserve the historical significance of the number of campers that have sought medical attention there and utilized it, as well as the rest of camp, as a “safe haven” for many summers. The enlargement of the living quarters will provide more personal space for the staff while the new triage room will allow comfortable assesment of each childs needs.

Everyone at Falling Creek is excited about the improved medical facilities and we are looking forward to the grand opening in the coming months.

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Steve Longenecker's WEMA Program


SFL at the start of a WEMA program

During the summer, any camper will tell you that when Steve Longenecker announces a WEMA program, the turnout is huge and you had better sign up quick! WEMA (Wilderness Emergency Medical Aid) is a program designed by Steve to teach children what to do if the adult they are with gets hurt. Recently, Steve drove to Richmond, VA to do a WEMA presentation for a Boy Scout Troop at a local Church.

To read the newspaper article, please click here.

And when you hear a WEMA announcement at camp this summer, sign up with Steve, and you’ll learn skills that might help you save a life!

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"We Have a Winner!"

Chris and Susan pick a winner!

Chris and Susan pick a winner!

The moment many have been waiting for; a chance to win an Eli Manning autographed Falling Creek Jersey. At 12 Noon today, in the presence of Phil, Yates, & Chris, Susan Frame pulled Patrick O’s name from the box of raffle tickets! Please join us in congratulating Patrick. Falling Creek will make a donation to the Falling Creek Scholarship Fund with 100% of the money submitted for the raffle. A big thanks goes to Eli Manning (FCC alumni) for his generous offer in donating the autographed jersey. This event was great fun for a great cause. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the scholarship fund.

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