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Scholarship Fund Raffle

Autographed Eli Manning FCC Jersey

Eli’s signature on an FCC Jersey!

Former Falling Creek camper, and current NFL Quarterback Eli Manning has joined Falling Creek in raising money for the scholarship fund. Eli has autographed a 2007 Falling Creek Camp Jersey. For a chance to win the jersey, simply fill out a Raffle Ticket and send it back (or fax it) to beat the deadline. You may send in as many tickets as you like to increase your odds of winning. For Raffle Tickets and more information, please click here.

But hurry, the drawing is THIS Thursday, March 1st!

Good Luck!

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"Yates travels to Georgia this Week"

Dore & Steve Brooks hosted an Atlanta, GA Falling Creek “Movie” show on February 18, 2007. Dore is Elizabeth Tindall’s sister and a huge supporter of summer camp. The Brooks introduced me to several families who wanted to learn more about Falling Creek Camp. This was the Brook’s first time hosting for FCC, as their sons are now camp age. Thanks to the Brooks for all your efforts!

On February 19, 2007, I drove to Rome, GA where I reconnected with Damon and Jenna Black. Damon was a long-time camper and counselor at Falling Creek and Jenna was the same at nearby Camp Greystone for Girls. They hosted the FCC “Movies” for the first time in a number of years in Rome. I was happy to meet so many families interested in Falling Creek. Many thanks to Jenna and Damon!

After a quick drive back to camp on February 20, I traveled to Macon, GA on February 21 and met a number of potential FCC staff, who came by our table at Mercer Universities Career Fair, to express interest in being a part of a summer camp community like ours. That afternoon, Lizzie Clark, a student of long-time FCC Director Donnie Bain’s at the Lovett School in Atlanta, GA a few years back, hosted the Falling Creek “movies” at her home in Macon. Lizzie is also great friends with the Tindall’s. Jim Goodrum, a camper, counselor and Director at Falling Creek for much of the 80’s and 90’s, came to the Clark’s to support FCC. Jim and his wife live in Macon where he is now a successful real estate broker. Jim is such a big part of the FCC history and the new families who attended enjoyed meeting him and hearing his stories. Thanks to the Clark’s for hosting the show!

Yates in Georgia

"Jim Goodrum, a top camper, counselor and Director at Falling Creek in the 80’s and 90’s, joined Yates and these boys at the Macon, GA “Movies” hosted by Lizzie Clark on February 21, 2007."

Emerson and Lolly Cowart hosted the Falling Creek Camp “Movies” on February 22, 2007 in Savannah, GA for their second year. I enjoyed the opportunity to meet several new families who were interested in learning more about Falling Creek. Thanks to the Cowart’s for their wonderful hospitality!

- Yates

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The Lexington School, KY

Chris and Campers at The Lexington School

Jack, Conrad, Chris, & Sam at The Lexington School

On Thursday, February 8th, Falling Creek traveled to the Bluegrass State. Chris met with several current campers at The Lexington School. They introduced several of their friends to Falling Creek thoughout the afternoon. When Conrad left for cross-country practice it was 16 degrees outside!

KY River Ferry

FCC Subaru awaiting the Ferry across the Kentucky River

Later that evening, Sam hosted a movie showing at his home just outside Lexington, in Keene, KY. Don’t forget, all Raffle Tickets for the autographed Eli Manning/FCC Jersey are due by March 1st!

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Falling Creek visits the Lone Star State!

Yates in Texas

(l to r) James, Peter, Yates and Nico at the Yoder’s home in Highland Park on Monday, February 5, 2007 catching up at the Falling Creek Camp Movies.

I have had the pleasure of being in the Lone Star State this week catching up with several Falling Creek families and friends and meeting many new families. On Monday, February 5, Ana and Jim Yoder hosted the FCC “movies” at their home in Highland Park, a community within Dallas, TX. Their boys and nephew will be returning to Falling Creek this summer for their second year. They also introduced their cousin Thomas from Switzerland last year, who brought several friends, and who plans to return again this summer. Peter, James and Nico shared many FCC stories with the families who attended. I believe you will surely find James and Nico up at Blacksmithing this summer as they really enjoyed the opportunity to learn this art from George Matthews. Peter will probably spend a good deal of his time out on the trails. Nathan Newquist, a top FCC counselor, came to the Yoder’s to reunite with the current campers and meet the new families who attended. We are excited to report that Nathan will be returning to camp for his 7th summer as a Tribal Director and a right hand to the Program Office. “Many thanks to the Yoder’s for their hospitality.”

I wasn’t far away on Tuesday, February 6 as Eleanor and Monte Bond hosted the Falling Creek movies in Dallas at “Extreme Pizza”. What an awesome venue to explain to new families the community of FCC. Eleanor was a long-time camper and staff member of Camp Greystone in nearby Tuxedo, NC. Eleanor’s brother’s, Hutch and Bryan McClendon, from St. Francisville and Baton Rouge, were campers and staff members with me at Falling Creek in the 70’s and 80’s. You could always find us down at the Paddling docks or on one of the many paddling trips. Lendon will be returning to camp this summer. A big thanks to the Bond’s for their efforts in supporting Falling Creek in the Dallas, TX area!

Yates in Texas

(l to r) front row: Will & Henry, back row: Lance, Rick, Emily, Charles, Sally, Yates, Bennett and Ted at the Tonkinson’s in Southlake, TX on Wednesday, February 7 for the Falling Creek “Movies”.

On Wednesday, February 7, I traveled a short distance north to Southlake, Texas where Kathryn and Stuart Tonkinson hosted the Falling Creek “movies”. Jake and Henry plan to be back this summer and bring their younger brother Will. The Cunningham’s, from nearby Fort Worth, came over to reconnect and see that they are star’s in the new DVD. Both plan to return to camp this summer. Rick and Emily Broad, who met at Falling Creek Camp, brought their entire crew to support FCC. Rick was a counselor with me back in the late 80’s and he was a Director at FCC in the early 90’s. Emily was on the staff with my wife, Marisa in 1989 where they both were a part of the waterfront staff. Emily continued to be on staff for 6 years. The Broad’s have one daughter and three boys and they have been wonderful in opening up their house for me to stay while in the area. We very much appreciate the Tonkinson’s hospitality tonight.

Yates and the guys

(l to r – Wright, William, Yates, James and Henry at the Houston, TX Falling Creek Camp “Movies” hosted by The Mentz Family on February 8, 2007

On Thursday, February 8, 2007, I drove from the Dallas/Fort Worth Area to Houston where the Mentz Family hosted the Falling Creek Movies. Several current campers joined with the Mentz brothers to explain to the many new families who attended the things they liked most about Falling Creek. We are very thankful of the warm hospitality from the Mentz’s.


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