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Falling Creek visits Winston-Salem

Yates visiting FCC Campers

(l to r) Jake, Chase, Will, Ross & Yates Pharr at the Winston-Salem “Movies” hosted by John and Marian Wilson on Dec. 4, 2006.

On Monday, December 4, I visited the Winston-Salem, NC area where John and Marian Wilson hosted the Falling Creek Camp “movies” in their home. Their beautifully decorated home certainly put all of us in the Christmas spirit. The Wilson’s entire family came to Falling Creek the first week of camp this past summer as the camp doctor. My daughters had a ball getting to know and playing with their daughter Megan. Their son Jake came back to camp in August as a regular camper. Jake was a big help to his parents tonight setting up the DVD to play at the right time and entertaining the boys who attended. I enjoyed meeting the families interested in learning more about FCC and reconnected with several current campers and their families. Thanks again to the Wilson’s for their wonderful support of Falling Creek Camp.


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Yates in Tuscaloosa, AL

Yates and the gang

(l to r) Wood, Pride, Davis, Jack and Yates Pharr enjoy catching up at the Tuscaloosa, AL Falling Creek Camp “movies” on Thursday, November 30, 2006.

I didn’t have a long drive today from Montgomery, AL to Tuscaloosa, AL where Stephen and Mary Dee Snow hosted the Falling Creek Camp “movies”. The weather was a warm 78 degrees as I arrived and all weather reports call for a high pressure to blow through tonight and drop temperatures into the 30’s. What a big change! It was a big night for current campers as the boys were excited to see the new DVD for the first time. I am pleased to report that every current camper in the room was a star in either the Main Movie or the 2006 Highlights. They were all talking about what they are going to do this summer as everyone is planning to return to camp in 2007. Thanks to the Snows for their outstanding hospitality!

- Yates

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Falling Creek visits Montgomery, AL

From Jackson, I traveled due east across Mississippi and Alabama on Wednesday, November 29 to David and Leslie Little’s home where they hosted the Montgomery, AL Falling Creek “movies”.

Montgomery Trip

(l to r) John Barganier, Tucker, Yates Pharr, Jack and Hugh Frazer at the Montgomery, AL Falling Creek “movies” on Wednesday, November, 29 hosted by David & Leslie Little.

Their older son Tucker will be returning in 2007 for his third year, but this time has signed up for Main camp and will bring his younger brother Mason for his first camp experience. Mason is very excited to have this opportunity! Leslie was a long time camper at Greystone and loves the Tuxedo area. John Barganier, a Falling Creek camper in the early 80’s, brought his sons Jack and Will to the show. Jack has signed up to return to Main camp in 2007 and Will looks forward to his FCC days when he’s old enough. I also enjoyed catching up with Hugh Frazer, a long time camper in the late 70’s and 80’s, who is now an Allergist in Montgomery with his father. Hugh’s parents served as the camp doctor’s family at Falling Creek for many of the years that Hugh was there. Thanks to the Little’s for hosting Montgomery’s show!


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