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Falling Creek visits Montgomery, AL

From Jackson, I traveled due east across Mississippi and Alabama on Wednesday, November 29 to David and Leslie Little’s home where they hosted the Montgomery, AL Falling Creek “movies”.

Montgomery Trip

(l to r) John Barganier, Tucker, Yates Pharr, Jack and Hugh Frazer at the Montgomery, AL Falling Creek “movies” on Wednesday, November, 29 hosted by David & Leslie Little.

Their older son Tucker will be returning in 2007 for his third year, but this time has signed up for Main camp and will bring his younger brother Mason for his first camp experience. Mason is very excited to have this opportunity! Leslie was a long time camper at Greystone and loves the Tuxedo area. John Barganier, a Falling Creek camper in the early 80’s, brought his sons Jack and Will to the show. Jack has signed up to return to Main camp in 2007 and Will looks forward to his FCC days when he’s old enough. I also enjoyed catching up with Hugh Frazer, a long time camper in the late 70’s and 80’s, who is now an Allergist in Montgomery with his father. Hugh’s parents served as the camp doctor’s family at Falling Creek for many of the years that Hugh was there. Thanks to the Little’s for hosting Montgomery’s show!


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Falling Creek travels to Jackson, MS

On Tuesday, November 28, Will and Kim Walker hosted the Falling Creek “movies” in Jackson, MS. Will was a camper and counselor at Falling Creek in the 80’s. His wife Kim was a camper and counselor at Camp Greystone for some of this same time. Will’s two daughters Ally and Katie and their young son William were a big help in hosting the event. Thank you to the Walker’s for introducing so many new families to Falling Creek tonight and for your wonderful hospitality!


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Falling Creek visits Baton Rouge, LA

Falling Creek visits Baton Rouge, LA

(l to r) Michael, Yates Pharr, Turner, Matt and Bryan McClendon at the Shaw’s home in Baton Rouge, LA on Monday, November 27 for the Falling Creek Camp “movies”

On Monday, November 27, I visited Baton Rouge, LA where Tom and Re Re Shaw hosted the Falling Creek “movies” at their home. Matt and his two sisters were also a big help to their parents with greeting the families. I was pleased to meet a number of new families as well as reconnecting with Michael. Michael is one of Falling Creek’s top paddlers and is currently a star in the new camp movie. I appreciate the comments both he and his mother Susan offered the new families who attended. I was very happy to reconnect with Bryan McClendon who was camper with me in the 70’s and 80’s. We also were on the paddling staff together for a few years. Bryan and his wife Laura very graciously hosted me at their home that night in St. Francisville (30 min. North of Baton Rouge and Bryan’s childhood home town). Bryan and Laura’s son Turner will be returning to Main Camp in 2007 for his 4th summer and will bring his younger brother Mills this time for his first summer at Falling Creek. Bryan’s older brother Hutch was a camper and counselor at Falling Creek as well and was a big influence in teaching my younger brother Stephen and I to be a part of the FCC paddling staff. Hutch lives in the McClendon homestead in St. Francisville with his family. These memories and relationships are a big part of what camp is all about!


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Falling Creek Visits Mobile, AL

Falling Creek Camp visits Mobile, AL

(l to r) Jimbo Lee, Tripp, Joe & Yates Pharr at the Falling Creek “movies” in Mobile, AL on Sunday, November 26

On Sunday, November 26, I drove south to Mobile, AL. Kelley and Ann Grady and Angela Grady co-hosted the Falling Creek “Movies” at their beautiful home. It was wonderful to meet many new families in addition to reconnecting with Jimbo Lee, a Mobile native, who was a Falling Creek camper and Counselor-In-Training (C.I.T.) with me in the 80’s. Jimbo has not changed a bit since I last saw him our C.I.T. year in 1985. He brought his daughter Claire with him who is close to my youngest daughter Mary’s age. Kelley and Ann’s oldest son Joe was a big help in getting the DVD ready to play. Thanks Joe! He was a camper at Falling Creek in the late 90’s and 2000’s and is currently a senior at
UMS-Wright Prep School in Mobile. He is a starting linebacker for the defending state championship football team. Even with moving up from 4-A to the 5-A larger division, they currently remain in the State playoffs. Good luck Joe. This will be another victory to go with your two “Blob King” awards at Falling Creek. I was also pleased to see Tripp, a new camper last summer who came to the FCC movies with his mother Stacy. We are pleased to report that Tripp has already signed up for the 19-day August camp this coming summer. Thanks for your comments Tripp to the new boys and parents yesterday afternoon! Thanks again to the Grady’s for their hospitality!


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Falling Creek Camp Scenic Overlook

The Overlook at Falling Creek

For the past few weeks, Falling Creek has been transformed into a colorful landscape filled with the different hues of changing leaves. As Thanksgiving approaches, we hope you are all preparing to enjoy quality time with your family.

Falling Creek Camp Mountaineering Hut

The Mountaineering Hut

For the past 8 weeks, Yates, has thoroughly enjoyed meeting current and prospective campers, as well as Falling Creek alumni, as he traveled around the country hosting camp movies in different representatives homes. Chris and Phil have been traveling as well, they are already in the process of hiring staff for this summer.

Overall, enrollment for this summer is steadily increasing and only a few places remain in certain sessions. To assure a spot in the session of your choice, please get your application in as soon as possible to avoid being placed on a waiting list.

Horses at the River Pasture

Falling Creek’s River Pastures

The Falling Creek office will be closed on Wednesday afternoon, November 22, and will reopen first thing on Monday morning. We will periodically check mail, phone, and email messages over the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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