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Headin' South through Georgia & Florida

Falling Creek Alumni & current campers

Atlanta, GA area Alumni and Current Campers: (l to r) – back: Fred Conklin (camper:80-86), Clay Milling (camper:78-81;staff:85-86,89), Newton Quantz (camper:75,76;staff:84) & Frank Jackson (camper:78-86;staff:87-89), front: Jack Conklin, Beau Martin, Clay Milling, Gaston Quantz & Yates Pharr

Yates traveled south during the week of January 23 visiting Jayne Ann & Clay Milling’s home in Atlanta, GA on Monday for a second time. Once again, there was a large gathering of new families who are interested in learning more about Falling Creek Camp. There were several alumni and current campers who visited and shared stories about their experiences at Falling Creek. In addition to the alumni included in the picture, Damon Black (camper:82,84,86-88;staff:90-96) and Forest Speed (camper:78-80;staff:86-87) dropped by to share stories and catch up with old friends.

Falling Creek Camp Movies in Atlanta, GA

Falling Creek movies at Jayne Ann & Clay Milling’s home in Atlanta, GA

Falling Creek Camp Movies in Orlando, FL

(l to r) Kevin, Bradley & Kyle Irwin of Orlando, FL

On Tuesday, Yates visited Suzanne & Jeff Irwin’s home in Orlando, FL. Three of their four boys (Bradley, Kevin & Kyle)attend Falling Creek and they introduced one of the long time FCC traditions to their invited guests by serving bananna splits after the movie showing. Youngest brother Bryan is eagerly awaiting his time to have the chance to go to Falling Creek.

Falling Creek movies in West Palm Beach, FL

Tim and Inge with Victoria and Tomy Skelly, West Palm Beach, FL

Driving further south, Yates escaped the colder temperatures around camp to the always enjoyable warm winter climate of West Palm Beach. Tim and Inge Skelly hosted the Falling Creek movies on Wednesday evening for their first time and invited many of their friends from the area. Tim’s parents also joined the group and told many great stories from their experiences at FCC.

Falling Creek Camp movies in Boca Raton, FL

(l to r) John Norwood, Bill and Sean Conner of Boca Raton, FL

Not too much further south in Boca Raton, FL, Anne Conner and Mimi Mangines hosted two separate Falling Creek movie showings on Thursday afternoon and evening. Bill & Sean Conner and Austin Mangines were the veteran campers who said they can’t wait to come back for the 2006 summer.

A very special thank you from the Falling Creek family goes out to all of our family hosts in these GA and FL cities. We appreciate your introducing FCC to many new familes who are now excited about coming to Falling Creek this summer.

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Travels Through Mississippi and Louisiana

Yates was in Jackson, MS on Monday, January 16 where Will and Kim Walker hosted several new families at their home. Will was a camper and counselor in the late 70’s and early 80’s and is known for his top notch athleticism. He and his wife Kim have two daughters and a son William, who will be an FCC camper in several years. Will currently operates Jackson Air Charter and can be found hunting whenever there’s a free moment.

Falling Creek Campers and Alumni in New Orleans

(l to r): Back – Yates Pharr, Bren Davis, Mason Eustis & James Van Horn. Front – Matthew Saer, John David B., K. Van Horn, Hayes Saer & Jason Steiner

On Tuesday, Yates visited Charlie and Kathleen Van Horn in New Orleans where there was a large crowd of both campers and new families interested in FCC. James Van Horn and Mason Eustis, both alumni campers now, provided encouraging words for the boys who attended.

Yates traveled to St. Francisville, LA on Wednesday to reconnect with Brian and Hutch McClendon. Brian was in Yates’ cabin (Honeymoon) in 1980 – Main Camp and they were counselors together on the Canoeing staff in the late 80’s. Hutch was a camper in the early 70’s and a counselor in the mid 80’s where he was on the canoeing staff as well. Brian and Laura McClendon recently relocated to St. Francisville from New Orleans due to Hurricane Katrina.

Falling Creek Camp alumni Hutch and Bryan McClendon

(l to r) Hutch McClendon, Hutch’s youngest son, Shewen & Bryan McClendon on the front steps of their beautiful boyhood plantation home in St. Francisville, LA. Hutch and his family are now living here.

Their son Turner will be returning to FCC for his third summer and his brother, Mills, hopes to attend this year for the first time. Hutch and his wife Prentiss, live with their two young boys, William and Shewen at the McClendon’s boyhood residence, a beautiful plantation home that is close to 200 years old. Brian and Laura organized a gathering to show the FCC movies at their home in the beautiful Bluffs Community at Thompson Creek.

On Thursday, Yates visited Susan and Michael Barnett’s home in Baton Rouge, LA where they hosted the FCC movies. Michael will be returning to Falling Creek for his 4th summer and yes, he is the stud in most of the kayaking shots on the 2006 DVD. Michael said he will be the first one to arrive on opening day of Main Camp this summer, just like he did last year.

Yates and the rest of the Falling Creek family want to thank all of our family hosts in these fine MS and LA cities for their efforts in introducing FCC to many new familes who are now excited about coming to the Creek this summer.

Rob Wells (staff:86,88-89,91-93), on his way back to Oxford, MS, flagged down Yates as he passed him on Interstate 20 between Atlanta and Birmingham, AL. Yates has not seen Rob since 1991 at he and Marisa’s wedding. Amazing how small the world really is. Rob is doing well and says he is looking forward to attending the big alumni weekend in the Fall, 2006.

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Updated Travel Schedule

Falling Creek Nature Program

Counselor Todd Robinson and friends at the Falling Creek Nature Hut

The Falling Creek Directors will be traveling to a town near you! Over the next three months, Yates, Donnie and Chris will be visiting with current campers, their families, and friends. They will also visit with current staff members as well as recruit new staff for this summer. This week, Yates will be in Mississippi and Louisiana and Chris will be in Gastonia, NC and Columbia, SC. To view Falling Creek’s complete travel schedule, please click here. For times and directions for a particular event, please contact the camp office.

Also, if you would like to host a Falling Creek movie showing in your town and invite family and friends to meet the Directors and view the Falling Creek Camp dvd, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to set up a time to bring Falling Creek to your town!

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Holiday Ice Storm

Ice hanging on the upper riding pasture fence.

Ice hanging on the upper riding pasture fence.

On Friday, December 16th, Falling Creek experienced an ice storm which knocked power out to over 700,000 customers in the area. Even though the scenery was beautiful with the sun reflecting on the ice, we knew we had our work cut out for us.

Over the holidays, Johnathan and Michael Bain, Steve McGrady, and several of their friends spent two weeks clearing the main roads around camp. Meanwhile Patrick began to make repairs to several buildings.

Falling Creek Blob board following the ice storm

Sorry, No Blobbing Today! Come back to see us this summer.

Falling Creek Bell following the ice storm

The Falling Creek Bell

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