Yates traveled west from Jacksonville to Paul and Beth Taupeka’s home in Mobile where they hosted the Falling Creek Reunion and Camp Movies on Tuesday, November 2. Their son, Paul, will be returning to Falling Creek for his third summer.

Paul was an excellent host in helping Yates to get the questions circulating about camp with all of the families present who wanted to learn more about Falling Creek Camp.

Falling Creek Camp Reunion and Movie Show at the Taupeka's in Mobile, AL on 11-2-10Falling Creek Camp Reunion and Movie Show at the Taupeka's in Mobile, AL on 11-2-10

Everyone was excited to receive their Limited Edition 2011 Trunk Sticker. These are only given out at the Falling Creek Reunion and Camp Movie shows, so it was no surprise that this group of Mobile boys was especially excited to get theirs.

We were thrilled that Kelly Danner happened to be in Mobile tonight and came by to say hello to all of the families. Kelly has been on staff the past three years at Falling Creek. She taught horseback riding and was an important part of our summer leadership team as she served as the “Creek” Tribal Leader.

Kelly is a recent graduate of William and Mary College and is working at Epic Systems in Madison, WI. She says “we build health care software for everything from clinical, to billing, to access and scheduling. The software can walk a cardiologist through a double bypass, electronically submit claims to insurance, send reminders to patients, etc. In Mobile, I’m working with Infirmary Health as they go live on their scheduling/registration software. On a day to day basis I manage the projects with hospitals and help the project teams out.” Congrats on your new opportunity Kelly!

We want to thank the Taupeka’s for hosting the big camp event at their home!