Easter is just around the corner and summer, well, is not too far down the road either! Here are some great small gift ideas for your summer camper!

  1. Small flashlight or headlamp. Great for camp-outs, trips, walks from campfire to the cabin, etc.
  2. Non-cotton hiking/outdoor socks. Why not cotton? Well, when cotton gets wet, it ceases to insulate due to all of the air pockets in the fabric that fill up with water. On a hike, especially in the summer, your son’s feet will perspire, and their cotton socks will absorb the sweat like a sponge. Cotton socks are fine for in camp activities, but if your son plans on going on any trips, hikes, or camp-outs, they will need some non-cotton hiking socks.
  3. Colored pencils & small journal/activity book. Although he will not have too much down time, they do have rest hour every day. If he is not a napper, then something to do for that hour will be a rest-time life-saver!
  4. A good book. If your son is not an activity book-er then send him with a good book or two. This is a great rest hour item. If they have summer reading for school… those are perfect to send! Or, just some new books they might enjoy.
  5. A water bottle. A popular camp store item is our Nalgene water bottle. He may want to purchase one of these at camp, but can he have too many of this summer must-have-item? Send him with one or two and let him stock up on the FCC Nalgene as well!
  6. Camp stationery/stamps. You do get to write to your son via email or letter. But, he will be technology free while at camp. So, if you are interested in getting some letters back, go ahead and send him loaded with stationary and stamps. And, if you want to make sure you, grandparents, aunt and uncles all get a letter, go ahead and pre-address and pre-stamp those envelopes!!
  7. Camp toiletries including insect repellent and sunscreen. It is the summer and the sun and bugs can be brutal. We will have sunscreen available for the boys, but it helps for them to have their own as well. Due to DEET in bug spray, we do not provide it. We recommend sending some with your son to help protect him from the mosquitoes this summer!
  8. Disposable camera. Another popular camp store item. Remember, camp is technology free, so cell phones are a no no. The best way for your son to capture some of his favorite camp moments is with a good ole disposable camera! Get a few, because they go through them fast!
    falling creek lake
  9. Green/gold bandanna. Once at camp, the boys will learn what team they are on. The green team or the gold team. Why not send them with a team bandanna? Or, maybe just get them a fun bandanna to wear around camp.
  10. Stickers for his trunk. They will be living out of their trunks while at camp. The boys love to personalize their trunk with bumper stickers. Stickers specifically from their school or town. Stickers for the sports and activities they do. Stickers that spell out their name! They will love to make their trunk their own! It also makes it stand out and easy to identify at camp.

Remember that camp does not accept care packages, so why not surprise them with their fun camp stuff now? If you are looking for camp must-haves, check out the packing list located in your CampInTouch account or call the office for any packing questions.