Why Falling Creek Camp?

Community of Friendship;
Community with Purpose

There's a lot to smile about at Falling Creek Camp for Boys!

Falling Creek is an experience a boy carries with him for a lifetime. It’s an opportunity for physical, spiritual and social growth. A chance to make choices. A chance to make friends.

Backpacking trips into the mountains, sleeping under the stars, kayaking on the Green River, sailing, tennis, and basketball; all help build friendships that last a lifetime.

Since 1969, Falling Creek has attracted campers from more than 35 states and several countries. Campers return summer after summer to reunite with friends, many becoming Falling Creek counselors.

The Falling Creek Code

Warrior Spirit
Positive Attitude
Live with courage
Be fun to be around
Always do your best
Live with enthusiasm
Strengthen your body, mind, and spirit
Focus on the positive
Be grateful for God’s blessings
Servant's Heart
Moral Compass
Follow the Golden Rule
Do the right thing
Treat everyone with respect
Act with integrity
Make friendship a fine art
Take responsibility for your actions
Take initiative to help others
Tell the truth

Making Choices

“Boys at Falling Creek Camp learn to make decisions for themselves. Falling Creek is an educational institution. It’s a different kind of education than boys get during the rest of the year. It’s learning self-confidence, how to live with a group, and how to see opportunities for growth and pursue them.” Donnie Bain, Alumnus
A camp counselor helps a boy put his helmet on.

This is a great boys summer camp!

Great care is given to the selection and training of our counselors. The average age of our staff is about 23 and over half are former Falling Creek campers or counselors.

Campers live in a cabin group with six or seven other boys and one or two counselors.

OUR CAMP Philosophy

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