Falling Creek Camp Leadership

Yates & Marisa Pharr

Yates & Marisa Pharr, Owners and Directors of Falling Creek Camp for Boys

When Yates met Marisa at Appalachian State University, summer camp was already "in his blood". For many years, Yates and his brothers attended Falling Creek—Yates for twelve summers as a camper, C.I.T., and staff member.

Yates teaching Kayaking at Falling Creek

Yates teaching kayaking at FCC in the mid 1980's

In the summer of 1989, Yates and Marisa both worked at Falling Creek—Yates leading the whitewater program and Marisa as head of the waterfront.

After they graduated with degrees in recreation from ASU, Marisa joined the staff of the YMCA, first as aquatic coordinator, and then as a staff trainer. Marisa later served as a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist at the Alexander Children’s Center. Her commitment to the well-being of children and families is exemplified by her volunteer work with many community programs, as well as with her neighborhood, church, and children’s schools.

Yates, Marisa, Annie, Lucy & Mary

Mary, Annie, Marisa, Lucy, and Yates.

Yates, meanwhile, returned to his hometown of Charlotte, N.C., to serve as President of Bissell Development. In 1991, Yates and Marisa married and now have three daughters: Annie, Lucy, and Mary. Even as Yates was forging a successful career in the business world, he continued to work with children, serving as assistant scoutmaster for the same troop in which he earned his Eagle Scout. The Pharrs moved to Asheville and Yates became Vice President of commercial development for Biltmore Farms until returning to camp.  It was and continues to be the opportunity of a lifetime for them.

To learn more about Yates & Marisa, please read the following article.

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Dusty Davis

Dusty Davis

Dusty Davis loves Falling Creek Camp and his early days there forged much of the direction that has shaped his life—the value of friends, spiritual development and lots of adventure.

His sons have loved Falling Creek first as campers, then CIT’s and staff. This camp has left an indelible mark on their whole family, including his wife, Mary Lou, who also worked there in the early 80’s.

Dusty has worked with a sports ministry for the past twenty-five years on college campuses from Oregon to the University of Alabama, Birmingham.He teaches athletes spiritual values that mold their lives and has led mission trips to 17 countries around the world.

He has been an extreme athlete himself: as a two time state road cycling and mountain biking champion he road raced in Europe as well as the Olympic Trials, he rides motorcycles in long off-road races like the 24-hour-enduro challenge, and he now pours his love for God and adventure into his own three children as they mountain bike and rock climb throughout the southeast.

Jim Goodrum
Staffing Director

Goodrum Family

Jim's first summer at Falling Creek was in 1979. He was a camper for seven years and CIT for two years. Jim is a graduate of Mercer University in Macon, GA and while he attended, worked at FCC as a Catawba Tribe cabin counselor and activity leader. In the summer of 1993, Jim moved from the swim docks to begin his tenure as Program Director. In 1994, Jim joined the full-time camp staff as Assistant Director / Program Director until 2002.

He returned to Georgia in 2002 to work at Mercer University as Assistant Director of Admissions and Recreational Sports and Wellness. From 2005 to 2007, Jim was a Realtor for Fickling & Company.

At Mercer, Jim met his wife Kristi and they married in 2005. Jim returned to camp in 2008 to share his twenty-plus years of Falling Creek experience. They live in Flat Rock with their newborn son Thompson.

Jim's passion for Falling Creek and it's mission, combined with his knowledge of camp operations, sets the stage for his primary focus with FCC's staff and alumni development. Jim is active in the local Kiwanis Club.

Paige Hafner
Administrative Director

Hafner Family

Paige knows firsthand the benefits of a camp experience. As Executive Director of the Henderson County Young Leaders Program, she worked with community partners, schools, and local camps to carry out the mission of the non-profit. The organization provides earned experiences to local youth aged 8-17 with a progression of camp sessions throughout the year as the main medium. She brings a vast amount of logistical, computer, and organizational experience. Along with her capability leading a youth organization, Paige has held many positions as a director of processes, projects, and people.

Paige lives in nearby Flat Rock, with her daughters Alison and Sydney, who are veteran campers. She stays busy cheering them on in their sports activities and serving as a volunteer and board member with several community organizations. Paige is excited for summer when camp is in full swing!

Paige will likely be the person you speak with if you call the camp office, and will greet you at the top of the road on opening day. We are eager to introduce you so you can come to like her as much as we do.

Jerry Metcalf
Facility Manager

To say Falling Creek would not be the same without Jerry Metcalf is an understatement. For 29 years Jerry has been building, improving, and repairing literally every inch of camp. With over 500 acres to maintain, that’s a huge task. Plumbing, electrical, carpentry, or automotive, Jerry does it all! He and his wife Brenda enjoy spending time with their three children and five grandchildren.

Nathan Newquist
Operations Director

Nathan is a native Texan. He started working for Falling Creek in 2001. Joining the FCC year-round team in 2008, as Program Director, then transitioning to Operations Director in 2012, Nathan’s knowledge of Falling Creek combined with his skills in system's design and management continues to move FCC to the high bar we set for ourselves…. "takin’ it to a whole ‘nutha level!"

Nathan graduated from Texas Christian University with a degree in International Communication. He had the amazing opportunity to study Spanish in Guanajuato, Mexico for a semester of study abroad. After college he worked for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram newspaper and then the Fort Worth School District. Nathan was active in the local Rotary Club for several years, and now spends a lot of his free time helping as a licensed foster parent for Henderson County.

Frank Tindall
Associate Director

The Tindall Family

The Tindall Family

Frank has been camping since his childhood—first as a camper, then a counselor, and finally in 1984 he bought his own camp! Frank and his wife Elizabeth had the time of their lives as they directed Camp Illahee (Brevard, North Carolina) for 18 years. After passing the torch at Illahee, Frank worked as a camp consultant with camps around the country.

In 2005 Frank joined the Falling Creek team bringing his extensive knowledge of camping and leadership development.

Frank is an active member of the community, serving as the Chairman of the Young Life Committee and volunteering as a coach for tennis and basketball.

Ben Williams
Outdoor Adventure Director

From Ohio, Ben attended Mount Vernon Nazarene University and majored in secondary education and history. Ben joined the Falling Creek summer staff in 1998. In August of 2006, Ben joined the full time staff as an Assistant Program Director.

Ben now serves as the Outdoor Adventure Director and leads the CIT (Counselor In Training) program. He helps with staff recruiting and special projects during the winter and spring. Ben is a certified EMT, Wilderness First Responder, and a Swift Water Rescuer.

Playing no favorites, Ben takes advantage of all the outdoor opportunities offered in the mountains. He and his wife Elliot are avid kayakers, rock climbers, backpackers and bikers. What else would you expect from an Outdoor Adventure Director?

Simon Wilson
Equestrian Director

Originally from Bridgwater, England, Simon joined the Falling Creek team as a cabin counselor and activity instructor in 1992. After many years working at camp during the summers, Simon became the full-time Equestrian Director in 2002. In addition to leading the horseback riding program, Simon is responsible for vehicle and trail maintenance and works with Jerry and Scotty on various building projects during the off-season. Simon is best known around camp for his British humor.

We encourage parents to contact the leadership of Falling Creek Camp with any questions they might have about camp! A Staff Directory is located on our Contact Us page.

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